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  10. so about 3 people posted saying that they saw the black veil brides commercial on tv and now im desperately flipping through my channels on tv hoping i will find it i dont know what channel to loook on and i dont know what i would do if i saw it honestly i know you guys think im weird but im going a bit crazy ik its just a commercial and ik i sound so fucking mental okay im srry ima go now bye


  11. you probably wouldn’t want to read this…

    I figured this was a good time to talk about him and how i feel about him and all that touchy feely stuff since it is his birthday and all. Andy Biersack. That name sounds so familiar. It felt as if it always has. ‘Andy’ ‘Biersack’ either word reminds me of one face, one person, one amazing soul. 

    January. 2012.

    What day? 

    Can’t remember. 

    Wish i could though. 

    I don’t know what came over me that day, or how i came across any of it, but that was the day i fell in utter love with Black Veil Brides, especially Andy Biersack.

    I remember in 2011, in the summer, me and my friend would be at my house, hanging out. And i came across Knives and Pens. I clicked on it, and when it started we were both freaked out. We were thinking ‘how can someone like this music?’ ‘they look scary’ ‘why is he screaming’ and i remember my walls. Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez, and other people i didn’t even know but looked cute so i put on my wall, coating the white walls in colored Pop Star and Tiger Beat posters. We turned off the ‘scary’ music. 

    I forgot about it, and it never crossed my mind again. 

    Until January, 2012. 

    Im pretty sure it was the second week of January.

    I guess i was home alone, i’m not sure.

    I was on Youtube, and i (somehow) came across, ‘Fallen Angels.’ The music video. i clicked it, and i remember my eyes widening as i remembered those faces, especially the singer’s face. I couldn’t believe it was them, but the band was the same (the name) So i watched the video. I can’t remember what exactly i felt, but something came over me, and i went on tumblr and searched the band name, searched his name. 

    I was scrolling through the photos, absolutely mesmerized by Andy. 

    Something about the way they dressed, the way they looked, made me smile.

    It was so weird, how i had this attraction to them, they were so weird. Nobody normal liked this kind of stuff. But you know what. It actually felt good. It made me feel stronger. So i tore down all my posters, listening to Fallen Angels, and i was jumping around my room, dancing to it. After the song was over, i kept replaying it. I was in love.

    And totally obsessed,

    With Black Veil Brides.

    Everyday since that day, i would go on the computer, listen to Set The World On Fire (which i soon after got the album, January 16th, [i still have the receipt]), and look at Andy. Im not gonna lie, i was a crazy obsessed fangirl, not that i freaked out about him online, but just the people around me got affected by it. My friends all thought i was mental for liking this weird ass band out of the blue, and that one friend who remembered that day at my house, was wondering how i changed. She slowly started changing with me. Now her favorite band is Asking Alexandria and we’re literally best friends(but i wont get into that) My other friends actually distanced themselves a bit for a while, because they were still obsessed with the rap and the fake shit i started realizing wasn’t all that great. I made a twitter soon after, a few days after i got the album, and started tweeting about them, and checking andy’s twitter everyday. 

    I was just all about them. Everyone who knew anything about me knew firsthand that i absolutely loved Black Veil Brides. 

    I got my friends into them (for a short period of time, but it was fun while it lasted)

    And then a few really hated them (only for a while though, i changed their mind later on ;)

    And just what can i say. I love them as much to this day. This year has certainly held a lot of changes for them, and i adapted with it as they changed. I only had a few weeks with Andy’s long hair, and I felt everything just started changing after that. But i was more than happy to accept everything, it felt right.

    I guess, i can say, Black Veil Brides changed my life. This isn’t meant to be some huge story that makes you cry, because they saved my life, because they haven’t actually. But i just feel like in a way, they saved me by putting everything in a whole new perspective. Once you’re pulled into the ‘popular’ scene, you don’t know and you don’t understand how someone that likes screaming or these ‘scary’ bands think. You just don’t get it. And i finally see. I finally see all these different types of people, the people who think its cool to like Sleeping With Sirens for example, because they’re different but in reality they just like Kellin Quinn and the acoustic songs. Well, for the record, let me tell you, i’ve been to their concert, and they only sang one acoustic song. one. but back on topic, i just met so many different people over the past year, this fandom, that i never knew existed. And now im part of it. i have been. For almost a year and going. I remember dreaming of Andy, and feeling as if it wouldn’t be possible to see him in real life because i love him so much he just doesn’t seem real anymore.

    i love him. 

    so fucking much. it’s not an obsession anymore, it’s not a phase of fangirling anymore, (even though i fangirl every so often ;) 

    i just really love him alot.

    Black Veil Brides, the band in general, is so dear to me, i don’t know what i would do if something happened to the band, or any member of the band. 

    Black Veil Brides is a band that’s so close to my heart.

    I don’t and don’t think i ever will feel the same connection to any band besides them.

    I know many people hate them, and i don’t even understand why, but i honestly don’t care, because Andy taught me not to care. Even thought they really fucking piss me off sometimes.

    People think BVB is a gay band that people grow out of. For example, oh you 12 year olds will grow out of BVB. explain then, why there are still fans that are adults? Because the band is truly good.

    I’m going to see them January 30th. That feels so far away, yet so close. And i can’t believe it’s happening. 

    Anyway, i guess where i was headed with this too long paragraph thing is that i really love Black Veil Brides. 


    first picture i ever saw of him, (besides the music video)

    We scream, we shout, We Are The Fallen Angels. 

    Happy Birthday Andy Biersack, i love you.

    i really, really love you. 


  12. holyschm1tt:

    have you ever had a legitimate crush on a band guy like to the point where you’re not even fangirling anymore you just actually love them

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  14. and who will remember, your last goodbye.

    cause it’s the end, 

    and im sorta fucking pissed to die because i didn’t get to see my babies yet so by the power of me i demand you world that you can’t fucking end until i see black veil brides.

    k thanx.


  15. i am literally just keeping calm and patiently waiting for 

    January 8th - New BVB Album

    January 30th - BVB Concert (Toronto, ON) 

    im trying not to think about it. 

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